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August Bank Holiday Tournament

There are 10 Teams.  Each team has 4 players. Within your team you will have 3 different partners throughout the day. Players are given a letter A, B, C OR D.


Each Match is 8 games.  The pair from your team that includes Player A will always play the first 4 games.


Change ends every 2 games.


At the end of the round add your teams 2 scores to get your total (Maximum 8 points).


All games are short deuce.  At short deuce you must serve to the opposing player that has the same letter as you.


At the end of the group stages the 2 teams with the highest scores will play in the final. If at the end of the group stages there is a tie, it will go on count back.

Click here to download the tournament information.

*Please make sure that you click "Enable Editing" on the word document so that you are able to view the document fully.

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